Run a Comprehensive Background Check on Yourself

Do you know who’s collecting information on you? If you’ve applied for a job, apartment or insurance, chances are you’ve had a background check run on you. These reports can include information on your income, loan payments, debts, and on and on, and consumer reporting companies can even include a “risk score” for you.And while you’re likely familiar with a credit agency like Equifax, you’re probably not aware of the breadth of companies collecting your personal information.As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s 2019 report indicates, any number of financial institutions can request your “report,” including: Lenders (including those that offer credit cards, home, payday, auto including auto leasing and student loans) Employers, volunteer organizations, and government agencies to determine eligibility for government assistance (employment and background screening) Landlords and residential real estate management companies (tenant screening) Banks, credit unions, payment processors and retail stores that accept personal checks (check screening)Companies that market and sell products and services specifically to lower-income consumers and subprime credit applicants, such as short-term lending and rent-to-own businesses among others Debt buyers and collectors Insurance companies (health, life, property insurance screening) Communications and utility companies (e.g., mobile phone; pay TV, electric, gas, water) Retail stores for product return fraud and abuse screening as well as retail stores that offer financing such as appliance and rent-to-own businesses, among others Gaming casinos that extend credit to consumers and/or accept personal checksBecause of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you can get copies of these reports yourself from the various consumer reporting agencies if you request one—which is important if you need to correct any inaccuracies they include. How to Get Rid of Bad Marks on Your Credit ReportErrors on credit reports are so common, they’re the number one complaint on the Consumer Financial…Read more ReadYou can typically
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